Tiger Lily Tots was initially launched in August 2009 … a mom making products for moms and their little ones. After hibernating for a few years, Tiger Lily Tots relaunched in August 2016. We offer a range of products for life with little people, including fabric decor and accessories; sensory toys; beaded mobiles and garlands; hand painted wooden toys and silicone feeding sets, toys and teethers.

What sets Tiger Lily Tots apart? We pride ourselves on stocking a range of products that are not only practical but that are also beautiful, perfectly fitting into your curated, styled home. While some of our products are imported and ‘hand-touched’ in-house, the majority of our products are handmade in Cape Town. Our team of seamstresses stitch our swings, carry cots, soft toys, blankets and various smaller a
ccessories. We have also designed and handmake our beaded mobiles and decorative garlands. We offer a standard range of products but our setup makes it possible to entertain custom orders too.

We have laboured for hours, working on our designs to ensure that they not only look great, but work practically too. Our aim is that the products will be useful for considerably longer than just the 'baby years'. We love texture and the variety of fabrics and materials we have chosen for our products are proof of this, with most products comprising a combination of materials. The products look beautiful and little people enjoy the textures and contrasting colours too!
We recently added a range of silicone items (food grade, nasty-free) to assist with teething, eating & having fun! Learning through play is an essential part of toddler development and our silicone building blocks (along with our silicone star stackers & nesting dolls) encourage this kind of exploration and growth.

We hope you enjoy browsing our products and look forward to welcoming you to our Tiger Lily Tribe.
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