Baby items (socks, toys, dummy, dummy clip and brush)

Nappy Bag Essentials for Every Parent On-the-Go

Baby items (socks, toys, dummy, dummy clip and brush)
Sometimes being a newborn mom doesn’t come with the luxury of being able to hibernate for a year with your little one at home. You still have to (& want to) be out and about, which I honestly think is important for both you and your littlie (we are social creatures after all).
If you’re planning an outing soon, ensure you’re prepared. Then you can enjoy being a “stress-free parent on-the-go”. You will figure out what works for your family unit over time but to start you off, ensure you have these essentials before leaving the house…
      1. Nappies and Wipes: Newborns can be unpredictable so be sure that you have nappies for every 2 hours you’re out. With an extra 2 or 3 nappies just in case things take an unexpected turn.
      2. Spare outfit: You might want to add an extra set of changing clothes to your list in case there’s a nappy explosion.
      3. Bum cream: To save on space, you can opt for a travel-size container for the cream.
      4. Wet Bag: This always comes in handy, whether it is dirty diapers or wet clothes, you have somewhere safe and sealed to store them. A plastic bag also works perfectly ;)
      5. Changing Mat: This comes in handy when you’re not in a place with a clean and dry surface to change the baby.
      6. Soothing Items: A small toy your baby likes to keep them entertained and settled.
      7. Dummy: Don't forget the dummy and a dummy clip!
      8. Hand Sanitiser: To clean up after a nappy change, just in case there’s no place to wash your hands.
      9. Your Essentials: Remember your wallet, keys, phone, and any personal items you need.
Parenthood is a journey marked by countless small moments - great as well as not-so-great. The times you’re spending out and about will go down in the books of stories you share with your tiny one when reminiscing in future years.
You can customise this list based on your little one’s needs, how long you’ll be out, and other personal preferences.
Remember to regularly check and restock your nappy bag to ensure that you are prepared for unexpected situations.
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